How To Clean The Kitchen Sink Correctly

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Recommendations and suggestions to clean the kitchen sink and leave it as good as new.

At the time of cleaning the kitchen we must pay special attention to the sink, since it is in contact with the water continuously. This is an important element in the kitchen, and we also use it continuously. Therefore, we must devote some time to keep it clean. The sinks can be constructed of various materials such as stainless steel, resin, glass, glass, ceramic or granite.

For this type of sinks it is advisable:

Use a sponge impregnated with soap and hot water, and pass it all over the surface.
Remove all excess soap with a cloth
Pass a cloth moistened with water and lemon juice or white vinegar all over the surface to remove the limescale.
Clean the joints and corners where dirt accumulates.
Wash the tap so it does not get clogged.
Clean the drain avoiding the deposit of waste
Also clean the cap and the chain.
Use a little bleach every 2 or 3 days to keep the sink sanitized
Keep the scourers and wipes clean, and add a drop of detergent to disinfect them.
It is also advisable to use a grate in the drain to prevent food debris from causing a jam.

Clean the sink regularly as it does not require a lot of time. Take it as a “maintenance”, a few minutes after eating or after cooking is not a long time, and the result is obvious. In this way, in addition, you will avoid that germs can pass to kitchen utensils.

Finally, if you go on vacation be sure to remove all the cloths and scourers are not wet, leave the plug and cut the water if you consider it appropriate leaving it to run a few minutes when you return.

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